Coca is an incredible plant that is poised to disrupt. For hundreds of years it has been used by Indigenous communities for its positive health benefits, and now Power Leaves Corp. is bringing these benefits to the rest of the world.

The coca leaf can serve as:

With a low cost of production, this ingredient can be the key to unlocking a revolutionary new product that can rival the likes of Coca-Cola itself.

Using Colombia’s ideal growing conditions and nutrient rich soil, the coca leaves used in Power Leaves Corp.’s extracts takes place in one of the world’s best locations for coca cultivation.

And like the grapes that produce the world’s finest wines, the coca plant improves in size and yield over time, making it the gold standard for the agricultural industry. The same coca plant can be harvested for over 70 years, allowing Power Leaves Corp. to perfect our formulations with a consistent input of raw materials.

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The coca plant has been one of the best kept secrets in the world. For thousands of years, the coca plant has served an important role for Indigenous communities with its exceptional taste profile. numerous health benefits, a single source of natural, complete protein and a highly nutritious array of minerals and vitamins. It also acts as a single source of natural, complete protein as well as its energy enhancing, appetite suppressing, and bitterness reducing abilities.

For humans, coca extract is an important macronutrient that builds muscles, bones, and cartilage. It’s beneficial to the skin, blood, enzymes, and hormones.  It is also a powerful antioxidant that has the potential to prevent different diseases. What’s more, coca extract can boost energy and provide glucose.

There are also many known positive health impacts, from appetite suppression (yes even with cocaine removed!) to providing remedies for energy, nutrition, and even upset stomachs. And this information is not new – for centuries Indigenous people have used coca leaves to help with altitude sickness.