We are bringing the flavor of the coca leaf – beloved by the masses for centuries – to markets globally.

The flavor of coca extract is incredibly light and uplifting with:


A flavor that stands the test of time

Since the 1800’s, the power of coca for beverage flavoring has been well known. The most famous example of this is Vin Mariani, a wine infused with coca-extract.

It was widely popular and known for its energizing and restorative effects – until it was made illegal due to the restrictions placed on the coca leaf.

More recently, Coca-Cola has used coca-extract to provide its famous and protected flavor that the world has come to know and love. There was even cocaine in the first products, until it was fully removed (much like with Power Leaves Corp’s extracts).

with exceptional nutritional value

Through coca extracts, novel product formulations can be created that are:

You can see the detailed nutrition facts for 100 grams of coca leaf extract. The potential use cases of the disruptive ingredient are virtually unlimited.

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Used for diluting and blending into alcoholic beverages, Coca Essence is a highly aromatic concentrated extract. This new product has a delightful and delicious berry-like flavor with a minty twist, a pleasant aroma, and a refreshing after taste.

Coca Essence blends beautifully:


Our coca extract serves as the foundation of our commercial products. After successful R&D efforts, our proprietary coca extract formulation has been optimized for flavor and aroma unique to Power Leaves Corp.

This is a ingredient that will allow products to stand out for their flavor and nutritional value, and is perfect for:



Plants benefit just as much as humans from the high concentrations of minerals and vitamins found in the coca leaf. Power Leaves Corp. has developed and produced three different Coca Fertilizer prototypes in sufficient quantity to facilitate crop testing trials. This enriching fertilizer additive can drive 30% higher crop yields in the agricultural industry.

In the battered fertilizer industry, a majority of nutrient rich additives are sourced from Eastern Europe (mainly Russia and Ukraine).

Power Leaves Corp. presents a reliable and low-cost supply chain solution that is also environmentally friendly.

We use the waste stream from our food and beverage extraction process to build the base architecture of our coca based fertilizer.



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